SEO 101: The 3 Ways You Can Increase Your Site’s Ranking

Thankfully, we are here with SEO strategies so that your website will swiftly ascend to the top of the search engine results pages. Read on to learn them today.

Yes, it is all about having high site rankings. Thankfully, we are here with SEO strategies so that your website will swiftly ascend to the top of the search engine results pages. Read on to learn them today.

Publish Material That Is Authoritative as Well as Relevant

When it comes to search engine rankings, especially for SEO marketing, the necessity of having high-quality content cannot be understated. This can enhance both site traffic and website authority.

  • Keywords and Multiple Keywords

It is critical that each page of your website focuses on a different keyword phrase. For one, a single web page cannot rank effectively for several keyword phrases unless those phrases are closely related. You must develop a distinct page on your website for each term for which you wish to rank highly.

  • Keywords Placement

After deciding on a keyword phrase for a page, you should consider the following:

  1. Using folder-specific keywords in the URL for the page.
  2. Using one or more keywords may appear in the page’s title.
  3. Using permissible keyword terms in the headers and subheadings.

If you submit affirmative responses, your search engine rankings will rise. The same term should not appear more than three times in the URL, and it should not appear in the page’s title or headers. This can also help with readability and usability.

  • High-Quality Content

The actual content of a page takes precedence over the URL, title, and headers. The key phrase should be repeated in the paragraphs that introduce and conclude the body of the work, as well as two to four times throughout the body. Command. You should strategically connect to significant sources and more information on your organization’s large website as well as on websites that are not affiliated with your firm.

When emphasizing specific keywords, utilize emphasis tags like bold, italics, header tags, and other emphasis elements sparingly. With relative ease, compose. Always strive for effective writing. User-centric pages perform better. Learning about SEO marketing is the finest technique to come up with new article ideas.

Always Keep the Content up to Date

Search engines place a high value on information quality. As such, the presence of recently updated material is a major determinant of a website’s relevance. Perform regular (semesterly) content analysis and make revisions as needed.

  • Posting Blog Content

You may boost the search engine rankings of your department’s blog by filling it with content that is rich in relevant keywords. Blogs enable you to deliver concise updates on a wide range of topics. Connecting CMS site pages and blog entries to improve the reader’s comprehension of the material.

Employ the Power of Metadata

Perhaps there is a gap between the <head> tags on every page of your website. The UMC’s web team has previously pre-populated this information for CMS websites. With that said, you must examine and update information as your site evolves.

  • Description Metadata

Browsers will use the description metadata when conducting searches on your website. It is a concise and appealing description of the material on your website, and its primary goal is to attract visitors. The minimal quantity of content that should make a meta description is two phrases. Allow search engines to use the meta description you’ve provided for your website.

  • Keyword Metadata

Keyword information is rarely used in search engine rankings. Because you should be familiar with your keyword phrases, including them in your keyword information will not harm you. Use a variety of sentences, and stick to three to seven sentences with one to four syllables each.

  • Title Metadata

The metadata known as the title can be used to modify the titles of browser windows and the headlines of search engine results. The most important metadata for your page.

The CMS web team has created an automatic mechanism for generating meta titles based on page titles. This emphasizes the need to select page titles that include essential keywords.


In the ever-evolving digital world of algorithms and search engines, a website’s ranking is a top priority. This notion is applicable to all, especially to businesses. Now, by employing these best practices, you must understand the need to cut through the clutter to come out on top.

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