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Finding the Best Social Media Company in Singapore: A How-To

In the era of digitalisation, choosing the best social media company is imperative for you to create brand awareness and increase your audience reach online. With an overwhelming number of choices, there are various factors you should pay attention to but the most important one is finding an agency that can create a professional profile for you across various social media channels as well as help you grow. 

Every social media agency in Singapore prides itself on its expertise, but finding the right one that fully corresponds with your vision requires you to be methodical. Whether you’re a startup that is on the verge of discovery or an established brand that just wants to freshen up the way people perceive it, knowing the core values of your agency partner and the innovative strategies they use is crucial.

This article serves as a guide for you to master the dynamic digital scene of Singapore. After learning to differentiate between the social media marketing companies, you can make your brand live long, and be successful in a fierce competition.

What to Look For in a Top Social Media Marketing Agency

Before diving into the list of top agencies, it’s best to know what are the specifications of a Singapore social media agency that makes them worth your while. The main factors include the following criteria to pay attention to.

  1. Proven Track Record: The best agencies will have a solid history of successful campaigns, content marketing efforts, and satisfied clients.
  2. Innovative Strategies: Look for companies that stay on the cutting edge of social media platforms and technologies.
  3. Tailored Services: Top social media companies offer customised strategies that align with your specific brand goals.
  4. Expert Team: A diverse team of experts in various aspects of social media marketing strategies is crucial.
  5. Robust Client Communication: The best companies maintain clear and consistent communication with their clients.

Begin with the List of the Top 5 Social Media Marketing Agencies in Singapore

With these criteria in mind, let’s explore some of the premier social media agencies in Singapore that have demonstrated excellence in the field:

  1. Adverdize: Adverdize is a top digital marketing agency in Singapore that designs marketing solutions customised to meet individual client’s goals. We achieve this by producing eye-catching social media posts and making them engaging on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Adverdize is an agency that focuses on creating engaging stories and visually attractive content which catches the audience’s attention and also builds and establishes a relationship between your business and your target audience. Our services include strategic planning, content creation, and holistic analytics to track and optimise campaign performance, which gives clients tangible results and greater visibility on digital.
  2. Plexxie: Proficient in building online communities, Plexxie has served over a hundred clients and completed 2000 projects in its lifespan. They provide comprehensive services from logo designs, and photos to videos. 
  3. Heroes of Digital: The digital agency that uses a data-driven approach combined with automated technologies to optimise your advertising spend across major social channels. 
  4. One9Ninety: One9Ninety excels in creating, curating, and crowdsourcing content across major platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. They manage programmatic ad-buying and offer influencer promotions to elevate brand awareness and authority.